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Pixie Day (22nd June 2024)

Pixie Day is an annual event that takes place in Ottery St. Mary, England, on the Saturday nearest Midsummer’s Day in June. It is a celebration of the town’s folklore and history, and features a variety of events, including a fete, a parade, and a reenactment of the legend of the pixies.

The legend tells the story of how the pixies were once banished from Ottery St. Mary after they became tired of the noise of the church bells. The pixies returned on Midsummer’s Day in 1454 and captured the bell ringers, but they were eventually defeated by the vicar and the townspeople.

The reenactment of the legend is one of the highlights of Pixie Day. It features hundreds of children dressed as pixies, who march through the town and capture the bell ringers. The bell ringers are then taken to a cave, where they are rescued by the vicar.

There is a fete featuring a variety of stalls selling food, drink, and crafts.

Pixie Day is a fun and festive event that celebrates the town’s history and folklore. It is a great opportunity to learn about the town’s past and to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment.

18 April 2023
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22 May 2024