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Phone Box Book Share 

As phone boxes went out of use and British Telecom decommissioned them a number have become local book sharing facilities.  This includes the one at Spring Gardens, Ottery and one in Tipton St John near the pub. 

In 2022 Whimple obtained and refurbished a phone box as a book and jigsaw share, which now looks splendid. 

The phone box at Spring Gardens needs some major refurbishment.  The Town Council had an estimate of the work required, and the cost is in the region of £1,500.   

The Town Council would like to know if residents feel this would be money well spent and if the phone box was refurbished would you use the book share more than you currently do?  Or do you feel there is a better use for this phone box?  

Please let us know on comms@otterystmary-tc.gov.uk your thoughts about refurbishing the phone box and future uses. 

12 October 2023
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12 October 2023
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