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Cllr Stewart Lucas

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I am a 51-year-old father of three and grandfather of one. I moved to Ottery in 2012 with partner of 25 years and then we both transferred to Honiton during the pandemic. I own a business in Ottery St Mary and during my spare time I enjoy walking, motorcycles, art and music.

I first became a Councillor in 2019 with the aim to help young people by getting the youth club back and offer them better services. Also, to help support businesses and the regeneration of the town. I also wanted to campaign to keep our hospital.

These are still the most pressing issues for me. We had lost our youth services and we’re on the brink of losing our hospital.

I have worked to deliver a professionally supported youth club run by SPACE, at the Station Hub. This project has been a few years in the making but is now gaining significant momentum and providing valuable support for young people. It has been a privilege to be part of a great team on this initiative.

Over the last four years I have worked to support our local skatepark. It is my hope that we can deliver improved access, security and opportunities for people wishing to utilise the facility.

During Covid I worked with a team of Councillors and volunteers to set up Ottery Community Volunteers. We ran a service which provided deliveries of shopping and prescriptions during lockdown. This ran throughout Covid and has subsequently evolved into the Ottery Larder.

I worked with various organisations and individuals within the local healthcare services to campaign against losing our community Hospital.

Over the last few years, I have been working with a team of Councillors so improve local regeneration, commerce, and tourism. The ‘Shop Front Regeneration’ scheme was launched a few years ago to empower traders and help improve high street presence. This was very successful and has been run again last year.

I am also part of the team working to improve traffic management, public realm and neighbourhood planning.

As part of the lead group on the ‘Visit Ottery’ Tourism project I am working with local businesses and key stakeholders to improve local opportunities and further promote our beautiful parish. This is a far-ranging initiative and one which I hope will bring significant benefit.

My key objectives for my time in office are:

– To further improve youth services and fully level up our Station Hub. I would love to see this site deliver a wide range of youth and community services. It is my hope that we can modernise the building further to utilise self-sufficient energy solutions.
– The development of a fully integrated and costed strategic plan for local regeneration, tourism and public realm improvements.
– Improved traffic management and better provisions for pedestrians and active travel. Better access for disabled people.
– To deliver a fully accessible, functional, modern and secure skatepark that builds upon the current provision.
– To help shape council strategies and operational policy which in turn improves the efficiency of projects and provides better opportunities for public interaction and consultation.

Chair of Operations

Chair of Strategy

Vice Chair of Environment, Local Development and Commerce

28 July 2021
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16 August 2023