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The Festive Cheer Christmas Jumper Scavenger Hunt

Event Dates: The scavenger hunt will run from November 20th to December 20th.

Participating Businesses: Various businesses in Ottery St Mary are participating by displaying a Christmas jumper either in their window or within their premises.

How to Participate: Participants need to find a letter on each of the displayed Christmas jumpers and record it.

Entry Form: You’ll need to complete an entry form. The form will have space to enter the 16 letters you collect from the jumpers. The entry form can be collected from; Curious Otter bookshop, Dillys, Rivers of Ink, Abbotts, Rabbit & Co, SUP Dawg, Coffee bank, Ottery Travel, The Georgian House, Devon Eco Boutique, Silver Ottery Café, Roberts, Ella Rosina Patisserie @ seasons, The Sewing Room, Gorunya, EMF (Everett Masson & Furby)

Anagram Challenge: Once you’ve collected all 16 letters, you can use them to complete an anagram at the bottom of the entry form. Solving the anagram will spell something that you have at Christmastime.

Submitting Entry Forms: Completed entry forms can be delivered to Abbotts DIY or SUP Dawg, or they can be posted in the letterbox of the Town Council offices.

Prize: The draw to determine the winner will take place on December 21st. The lucky winner will receive a £20 voucher to be spent at the Curious Otter Bookshop.

20 November 2023
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21 November 2023
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