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Road Warden Scheme

Ottery Town Council are looking for a Road Warden and Road Warden Volunteers. Communities can carry out minor works which Devon County Council are no longer able to resource and do not have a legal responsibility to carry out. 

A Road Warden is responsible for coordinating the works that take place. This includes suggesting what works the parish would like to carry out and agreeing those works with their Neighbourhood Highway Officer.  This gives the local Council the ability to prioritise the work being carried out. 

Road Warden Volunteers assist by carrying out the works.  Road Wardens do not necessarily carry out the works in their communities although they can do so if they wish to. The majority of those already signed up to the scheme combine both the role of Road Warden with that of a volunteer. 

Typical work carried out includes: 

  • Pothole repairs (when they do not meet DCC intervention criteria). 
  • Clearing weeds. 
  • Cleaning signs. 
  • Cleaning drainage (gully grating). 
  • Cutting grass. 
  • Repairing finger posts. 
  • Cutting hedges. 
  • Set up a road closure for special events. 
  • Managing verges for wildlife 

Both roles are unpaid but full training, insurance, signage and PPE will be provided and paid for by Devon County Council, who also provide specialist equipment for loan at a local depot.  Details of the scheme can be found on the Devon County Council website. 

Road Warden Scheme – Communities (devon.gov.uk) 

The scheme has been running in Devon since 2016.  Minor pothole repairs have been successfully trialled by Community Road Wardens in several areas across the county, including Sidmouth. 

Sidmouth’s first Road Warden reported “I’m pleased that we’ve had chance to make sure the system is tried and tested and I’m sure other wardens across the county will now want to take up the opportunity to carry out similar work.  The Road Warden scheme came from requests from local Councils asking to be allowed to do more of the minor work as the County Council continues to face budget reductions from central Government.”   

In conclusion he went on “The Community Road Wardens compliments our highway maintenance service by providing flexible support which enables communities to deliver their own priority needs.” 

To find out more about volunteering or to sign up please contact Ottery Town Council by emailing us.

14 August 2023
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14 August 2023
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