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Free Cyber Security Help

Supt Mark Moore who is from Devon and Cornwall Police, heads up the South West’s Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC). They are a not for profit organisation, funded by the Home Office and regional policing. They exist to help South-West based small to medium sized businesses, charities and public sector organisations with their Cyber Security.

Cyber Security can feel complicated, expensive, and unmanageable. It can be hard to know where to start, or how to improve resilience. Professional Cyber Security support is often expensive and for many SME’s, sole traders, local charities, obtaining such assistance can be well beyond their financial means. The CRC’s have been set up by Government to help groups and organisations who find themselves in just this position.

Much of what is on offer to you from the CRC is absolutely free.

  • Monthly email updates of current cyber risks, scams and threats as well as recommendations for what you can do to avoid cyber attacks or cyber crime.
  • A curated pack of all the national guidance you’ll need, including signposts to free training, war-gaming exercises, and the ABC’s of cyber.
  • A twelve-week bite-sized programme of simple things to change to strengthen your security – you can share this with your colleagues to build your cyber resilience.
  • Invites to our webinars on cyber topics like password managers or multi-factor authentication.
  • A free consultation with one of our cyber team to help you get started.
  • A regular programme of webinars, podcasts and events to respond to your cyber needs.
  • Exclusive access to our Cyber Path, an amazing initiative which connects you with local cyber students working under the guidance of University Cyber Departments to provide affordable cyber help for our community.
  • Access to our network of accredited and local cyber companies if you do need a commercial partner that we have vetted on your behalf.
  • The reassurance that all of this comes from a police-led and Home-Office funded outfit whose core role is to make you safer, rather than to make money out of you.

To get more details and to sign up visit the South West’s Cyber Resilience Centre.

22 August 2023
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22 August 2023
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