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Cllr Matt Williamson

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I moved from Bracknell to Ottery Parish in December 2002, along with many other Met Office families. I was five years old, and I’ve never forgotten how I felt at that time.

I grew up in the lovely village of Tipton St. John, with a love of stories and a big imagination. However, despite living in such a nice place, I didn’t actually get out and see much of it. My lack of practical abilities, especially to travel, combined with my reclusive nature, so I preferred the world of storybooks, TV, and the inside of my own head.

I had a tough time adjusting in my teenage years, mostly with mental health problems. The help I was given from services such as the NHS and the Prince’s Trust, along with my Christian faith, deeply impacted how I view life.

As I grew older my love of books & maps turned into a wanderlust, and for about a decade now, I’ve found solace in the great outdoors- in exploring the map, by car and especially by foot.

I feel very privileged to be able enjoy leisurely pursuits such as hiking, and it brings me happiness to know that by taking the opportunity presented to me, I have seen and actually set foot upon more of the country than possibly most other people.

I have worked at Sainsbury’s in Ottery St. Mary since late 2015, an experience which has been invaluable to me. I appreciate the feeling it gives me to be treated fairly as a fellow worker among equals, a part of society, and a small piece of the community of Ottery St. Mary.

I like to solve problems. As an adult, it’s been of essential importance to me to know what to do, to be practical, pragmatic, and to understand. Some problems require care, some tact, and some elbow grease. I aspire to get things done.

The need to make things better not only for myself but for everyone has been stoked in me by the big societal crises over recent years.

It was my desire to improve the local environment (especially litter) that had me join Lisette Johnston’s Eager Beavers charity. Despite not being able to attend to the charity’s work as much as I’d like to have done, I’m still glad that I got involved because when Lisette stepped down from being a Councillor, the unopposed opportunity became clear to me.

I joined Ottery Town Council in June 2023 as probably the youngest-ever member in its history, and I have attended meetings and training and have been figuring out what’s next since then.

As far as I reckon, my approach to making things better is holistic. From my service, I would like to increase community democratic engagement, and most of all I would be happiest to see people’s quality of life improved in any way possible, especially whoever could do with the most help.

From actions such as the provision of real positive change to those in need, strengthening protection of the vulnerable, better infrastructure, and healthier businesses, I believe that raising the tide of equity lifts up everyone.
2 June 2023
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7 November 2023