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Biodiversity Starts on Your Doorstep

This April ,EDDC are launching the ‘biodiversity starts on your doorstep’ campaign, encouraging residents to support nature by way of their gardens. Did you know that UK gardens cover a larger area than all the protected landscapes combined so this gives us all a chance to play an important role to play in preserving biodiversity. Whether you have half an acre or just room for a few pots, we can all do our bit for the environment. Follow EDDC social media channels, as they’ll be sharing three posts a week including covering EDDCs nature recovery work, plus tips and advice for you to try in your own garden. They would love to see your pictures, so if you do take part, please send them to environment@eastdevon.gov.uk There is a dedicated webpage with activities, information and links Biodiversity starts on your Doorstep – East Devon

3 April 2023
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11 April 2023
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