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381 Ottery Town Bus Service

The future of Ottery St Mary’s Thursday bus service hangs in the balance as low passenger numbers put it at risk of being discontinued. Local residents are being urged to support this essential link to ensure its survival. 

Devon County Council (DCC) announced plans to stop the Ottery town bus (381) service on Mondays due to concerns about costs and decreasing passenger numbers. While financial considerations are important, the Town Council and DCC Cllr Jess Bailey stress the broader impacts that must be considered. 

DCC has indicated that initial assessments did not see the service change as significant enough to require formal consultation or impact evaluation, given that the Thursday service remains operational. However, residents and community groups argue that cutting the Monday service ignores the needs of diverse residents and could disproportionately affect vulnerable individuals. 

The Ottery Help Scheme (OHS), a vital support system for many locals, is already operating at full capacity, providing over 100 lifts per week for medical appointments and essential errands. Ending the Monday bus service could put further strain on OHS and limit residents’ ability to move independently. 

Ottery Town Council and DCC Cllr Bailey have strongly opposed the service cut. Losing the Monday service could also reduce access to essential town resources, impacting the town’s overall vibrancy. 

The key to saving this vital transport link lies in community support. With only 2-3 passengers per trip on Mondays, the service’s sustainability was put into question. Residents are encouraged to consider using the Thursday service more regularly to demonstrate ongoing demand.  The Town Council and DCC Cllr Bailey feel that  preserving this vital link is about more than just numbers—it’s about supporting community cohesion, accessibility, and ensuring everyone’s right to mobility. 

The fate of Ottery St Mary’s Thursday bus service depends on community action. It’s time to show that this service is not just a convenience but a lifeline that must be protected for the well-being and prosperity of all residents. Use it or risk losing it. 

15 April 2024
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15 April 2024
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