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20 mph Zone Proposed for Ottery

Ottery St Mary is one of a select few towns proposed to get a 20mph Zone in the Parish to cover predominately the existing 30 MPH zone within the town. Ottery St Mary has had an existing 20mph zone for over 20 years on Longdogs which passes by the Ottery Primary School.

The benefits of having 20mph zones are many and the Council have been campaigning to implement a zone here for several years. Already 28 million people in the UK live in in places where 20mph is, or shortly will be, the urban/village norm.

Having a 20mph zone reduces the number of road accidents, especially those involving pedestrians and cyclists. It has been shown to reduce the number of serious injuries and road deaths by 40%.

By making a safer environment for people to walk and cycle in, it can improve their physical and mental health as they walk and cycle more. There is also the additional benefit of making streets seem calmer and inviting, improving the quality of life for everyone who works or lives in the area.

Ottery Town Council fully supports this proposal.

Deputy Mayor Dean Stewart commented “We have been campaigning for a 20mph zone for Ottery for several years and we are looking forward to the installation and I’m sure our residents will welcome its introduction”.

“We want to encourage different driving attitudes which make the roads safer for all road users, especially cyclists, pedestrians and those using our narrow pavements.”

“By implementing a 20mph zone we hope to make Ottery a safer, more welcoming place to live and visit. The Council has already commissioned a Transport study and the second stage of that work will be undertaken shortly”.

Many research projects have shown that a 20mph speed limit changes the way people drive. There is an estimated 30% fuel saving where speeds are capped at 20mph.Cars accelerate and brake less often, change gear less often and the wear on tyres is reduced. All of this contributes to a safer driving style and less emissions. Initial research in Wales and London is supporting the idea that overall emissions are reduced by the lower speed and air quality improves.

Maps showing the new zone and more details about the benefits of the new 20mph zones can be found on the Devon County Council website. The closing date for the consultation is Wednesday 24th April.

22 April 2024
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22 April 2024
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