Town Plan

Please click here to download the Town Plan. This Town Plan was adopted by East Devon District Council on 20th November 2007 at the Development Control Commitee Meeting.


Town Plans have the potential to influence a wide range of organisations and processes which affect the lives of rural communities. They are “holistic” or comprehensive in scope. They should set out a vision for the future; identify the action needed to tackle issues of concern. They should contribute to the way local services are managed and delivered.

A Town Plan is a statement of how the community sees itself developing over the next few years. It:

  • Reflects the views of all sections of the community
  • Identifies which features and local characteristics people value
  • Identifies local problems and opportunities
  • Spells out how residents want the community to develop in the future

Our vision for the future of the parish over the next 10 years is one which retains the strength of community spirit that it already exhibits and where we not only sustain, but also enhance the attractive living and environment of the parish. We seek to do this by a mixture of self-help and through partnerships between our community and other agencies (The Countryside Agency-“Parish Plans: Guidance for Parish and Town Councils” 2002).

 WEST HILL DESIGN STATEMENT  (Please click on link below thank you) 

West Hill Village Design Statement 

TIPTON ST JOHN VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT (Please click on link below thank you)

Tipton St John Village Design Statement