The End of an Era



On May 2007 Cllr Glyn Dobson became Mayor of Ottery St Mary followed by the appointment of Cllr Ian Holmes on January 2008 as Deputy Mayor. During the time they both remained in their positions many projects that benefited the Parish were successfully concluded. On the 8th of May 2018 both Cllr Dobson and Cllr Holmes stepped down from their positions leaving a great legacy behind, as shown in the attached chart. I am sure we all agree that they both deserve a big thank you for their dedication, all the time and hard work they put in through the years they served at the Council and for what they both achieved with the support of their colleagues.



Negotiations to purchase the Land for the Coleridge Bridge which provided a safe alternative for the children from King’s School to come to town.


Securing the continuation of the Late Night Shopping event.

2007 onwards

Organising the funding and the erection of the Christmas lights in Ottery.

2007 to 2018

Supporting and organising numerous events in town.

2007 - 2018

Chairing 150 Full Council Meetings (Cllr. Dobson).

2007 onwards

Representing OSM at the gatherings of the Twining Association both in Ottery & Pont L’Eveque (Cllr. Dobson)


Providing the necessary facilities so Adult Education classes could take place during the day and the evening at the Meeting Room and Chamber.


Sale of the premises at Silver Street in order to purchase of the Old Convent which accommodates the Council Offices and the Police Station at the moment.


Tiling of the downstairs toilets of the Council Offices.


Supporting the creation of the OSM BMX & Skatepark.

2012, 2013, 2016

Organisation of the Queen’s Jubilee, Queen’s Coronation and Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.


Organising the restoration of the Victorian Monument.


Development of Strawberry Lane Recreation Ground home of the local Petanque Club and also used by LED with their organised walks.


Development of the Station Centre which accommodates the Youth Club, the Health Scheme and the Men’s Shed.

2015 onwards

Supporting the OSM & WH Neighbourhood Plan

2015 - 2018

Chairing 76 Planning Meetings (Cllr. Holmes)


Ensuring the continuity of Allotment provision in Ottery.


Purchase of the old Nat West Bank in order to secure the continuity of the local library, the Information Office and the public toilets.


Organisation of the Street Market

2015 – 2016 - 2017

Organising the meals for lonely people at Christmas time with the money donated by the late Betty Williams.


Arrival of the Tour of Britain in Ottery.


Organisation of the OSM King & Queen of the Mountain a yearly event at Chineway Hill.


Updating of the Old Town Hall and making it suitable to accommodate a Museum and Heritage Centre.


Cllr. Dobson and Cllr Holmes have become the longest standing Mayor & Deputy Mayor working together in East Devon