Regeneration Group

Ottery St Mary Regeneration Project (OSMRG)  

  1. A Regeneration Working Group was set up by the Town Council following an exchange of emails between Richard Cohen the Deputy Chief Executive of East Devon District Council (EDDC) and Cllr Glyn Dobson the Mayor of Ottery St Mary whereby it was agreed that the working group (RWG) would prepare a presentation before the leaders of EDDC.
  2. At the second meeting of the RWG Cllr Geoff Pratt was appointed Chair and Cllr Jo Talbot Vice Chair.  Cllr Talbot is the Chair of The Parishes of Ottery St Mary and West Hill Neighbourhood Plan.
  3. No specific brief was provided by the Council other than to prepare a presentation to EDDC.  However, the clear intention was to focus on improvements to the Town centre, in particular, in light of the Parish's Neighbourhood Plan (NP) that is now near to concluding its formative stage.
  4. There will be certain aspects of the NP and its aspirations for the Town centre that may not be readily addressed by the EDDC Planning Committee and it is these that are at the core of the delegated functions that the RWG believes that the Town Council would wish it to pursue.  The RWG is aware of the work of the NP working group on the Public Realm Study and the Report it commissioned.  That report provides a substantial part of the foundation for the work of the RWG.
  5. The RWG has been established with membership drawn from Councillors and members of the community. A list of members is given below.
  6. The RWG carried out its work in a broadly similar way to other Town Council working groups.  Its proceedings are minuted and their availability to the public follows Town Council guidelines.
  7. The RWG has held informal meetings which have been used, inter alia to:
    • Provide a forum for bringing members up to speed on the developing NP
    • Consider some of the broader issues on the way forward
    • Exchange views on what regeneration might entail
    • Prepare a presentation to establish with EDDC on the role that they are prepared to play.

Members of the Regeneration Working Group

Cllr Josefina Gori - Chair
Cllr Glyn Dobson - Mayor of Ottery St Mary
District Cllr Roger Giles
District Cllr Peter Faithfull
Cllr Elli Pang
John White - former Deputy Chief Executive of a District Council
Martin Nancekivell - Farming
Jeff Abbott - Business

Please click here for Draft Terms of Reference for the Regeneration Project Working Group.