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Ottery St Mary Town attracts visitors from all over the world. They come to see the magnificent Parish Church, modelled on Exeter Cathedral and to walk in the footsteps of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, born in Ottery in 1772 and where he spent his early childhood. Variously described as a poet, philosopher, journalist, literary critic, fell walker, travel writer, naturalist, translator and writer the fame of Coleridge has spread throughout the world.

Tar Barrel Night on November 5th offers a spectacle that has featured on television in a vast number of countries. Men, women and children of Ottery run with flaming barrels through the streets of the town. A Bonfire, some twelve metres high, burns beside the River Otter and a Fun Fair on the opposite bank offers enjoyment for both local people and the thousands of visitors who come to see the spectacle.

In midsummer Pixie Day is celebrated when the town comes alive with children dressed as Pixies who capture the bell ringers from the Church in a re-enactment of a tradition lost in antiquity. This colourful celebration is a joy for all to see. Please see "Famous in Ottery" page on this website for full details and a link to the Pixie website